Tuesday, September 30, 2014

calcium as well as protein enhancer.

    Bone meal or calcium with 2% -5% composition as a complementary need for minerals, especially calcium as well as protein enhancer.

     Salt with a composition of 2% is sufficient to meet the needs of the mineral.

     When required to be given additional vitamin which has been widely used as a complement to the needs of micro, but still based on the prescribed dose, should not be excessive.

Dosage & When Giving Concentrated Beef Cattle Feed

The appropriate dose of concentrate feeding is given as food reinforcement / extra on beef cattle in addition to the main staple food in the form of fresh grass and green. Comparison of the principal feeding (forage) and concentrate to feed cattle is between 30%: 70% or a maximum of 20%: 80%. Good timing concentrate performed once every day in the morning before the main meal given in the form of grass. Dri research also found that the order granting the concentrate prior to the main food (forage) is more effective to increase the weight for the provision of first concentrates aims to provide greater energy to the rumen microbes to digest the staple food (grass, etc..) By applying how to feed cattle this way, it is not impossible weight of your
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Thus making guide modern cattle feed which if implemented could lift the weight of your beef to be doubled, so that your cattle business also successfully and profitably. Do not forget to pray to the above so that your cattle healthy always. To your success!
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