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Fairly rapid growth of strawberries usually accompanied

Fairly rapid growth of strawberries usually accompanied by a lush leaf growth. Therefore, pruning should be done on the leaf. In addition to trimming the leaves are lush pruning done on old leaves and dried, and the stolons. Trimming the stolon done to increase the production of fruit, DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA so the fruit produced bigger and attractive. When pruning is usually 2 years.
4. Fertilization Fertilization is the addition of nutrients to the plants, fertilization on strawberry plants grown in the garden without mulch made after 1.5-2 months. The amount of fertilizer given 2/3 the recommended dose. Fertilizer sown manner, then covered with soil.
Meanwhile, fertilizing the garden with mulch do if growth is less good. The usual fertilizer composition is a mixture of urea, SP-36, KCl in the ratio 1: 2: 1.5 by 5 kg dissolved in 200 liters of water. Furthermore, each plant is watered with 350-500 cc of the fertilizer solution.
5. Irrigation and Watering Water is an essential element in the maintenance of strawberry plants. Therefore, watering is an important thing to do. Watering is done twice a day to two-week-old plants. Furthermore, watering is reduced gradually so that the soil does not dry up. Water can be sprayed directly on the plant or antarbedengan trench drain with water.
6. Installation of dry mulch After planting in the beds, do the installation of seawall may dry mulch. Previously, straw or hay 3-5 cm thick beds spread on the surface and in between the rows of plants.
To determine the efficacy of strawberries for female beauty, please click here and efficacy benefits of strawberries.
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After passing the 14-day rest period, growing media is ready for planting. Please Companion planting strawberries, semainya polybag plastic waste, but must be careful not to loose soil from the roots.
Companion planting strawberries well in growing media. Dig a hole to taste, grave section roots. Make sure the soil and the roots are not disturbed when we remove  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya the polybag semainya.
Figure 6. Ensure the soil and the roots are not disturbed when we remove the polybag semainya.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Brief description of the existence of the Google - PageRank

PageRank , a method which is produced by Google to
Banteng88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014determine how much influence the existence of a blog / site on your blog / other sites . Basic way it works is referring to the visits ( " hits " ) on the link / links ( backlinks ) are fixed on a blog / site . In other words , the more backlinks possessed by a blog / site , the greater the opportunity to enhance the status of its PageRank . Thus, the rise and fall PageRank status indicates many - at least the number of backlinks that focused on a blog / site .
High - low PageRank status of a blog / website can be used as the image size of authenticity , truth and all mission 's valid and the information held by the blog / site itself . The higher the PageRank of a blog / website , then the presence increasingly considered " valuable " in between blogs / other similar sites . There may be other criteria and the basic methods of Google in a matter of determining the amount of the PageRank value of each hit on a blog / site , I do not know .
Attempt to purify Google - PageRank
Over time , over time , began to feel the need to complement the PageRank method bases the status of certain parameters . This is due to the evolution of the methods and measures to increase the PageRank ranking status in a relatively short time by the bloggers / site owners . The three biggest factors affecting the rise and fall of the status ranking PageRank is a link exchange between bloggers , game " traffic " using e - mail / robots . Txt owned spammers / SEO and duplicate content .
Several ways have been applied and published by Google's PageRank to purify the quality of its products is to complement its search engine using a filter program , known as the Penguin and Panda . Implementation and refinement of algorithms Penguin , can be quite successful to eliminate clicking - list a number of blogs / sites that use the technique of exchanging links / link between bloggers of his SERP . Similarly, the Panda algorithm to eliminate clicking - blog / site " copy and paste " ( scraper ) belongs to the bloggers who feel more " intelligent " in the making " stuff " to take action " copy and paste articles " from other bloggers .
While the game " traffic " using email / robots . Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia Txt owned spammers / SEO PageRank update will be detected when done . If there is a blog / website where spammers detectable wear or SEO to enhance its traffic , the status of its PageRank will be lowered . How big is the movement of the rise and fall PageRank status of a blog / site , only Google knows .

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ALBUMINTM regular cork or Haruan (Ophiocephalus striatus)

  ALBUMINTM regular cork or Haruan (Ophiocephalus striatus), oval in shape approach (elongated round), while in the posterior (caudal peduncle, lower abdomen) flat. Body parts blackish brown back and white belly brownish. This fish is easily found in public waters such as lakes, marshes and rivers. Sablefish fish can live in brackish waters. Including carnivorous fish. Food include shrimp and small fish, water insects, worms, percil / child frog, crab. Fish cork SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014    easily found in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Kehung ALBUMINTM (Ophiocephalus melanopterus), elongated body shape, rounded at the front and flat on the back. Flattened head and taper. Blackish brown body color. Body length can reach 65cm. Living on the river, especially the flooded areas. Food include worms and juvenile fish, small shrimp. There is in South Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Kerandang ALBUMINTM (Ophiocephalus pleurophthalmus), rounded body shape is rather long and flat on the back. His mouth was wide and is located at the tip of the nose. The back and abdomen brownish keputih2an. The maximum length can reach 40cm. including predators with the main meal of small fish. Found in Sumatra and Borneo.

Toman ALBUMINTM (Ophiocephalus micropeltes), elongated and rounded body shape. Mouth width located at the tip of the nose. Toman fish young red body color, as an adult became bluish green towards purple. Can reach a length of 65cm. lives in swamps and rivers, particularly the flooded areas. There are in Java, South Sumatra and Borneo.