Wednesday, May 28, 2014

arvest period

arvest periodThe short length harvesting period is determined by the age and speed of bud formation , altitude, climate and plant health . Plucked tea shoots with a period between 6-12 days . Japanese green tea is harvested with a frequency that is 55 days old . Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia Production forecastProduction is expected to reach 200 kg dry weight / ha / year .f . postharvestTime picking tea , do not shoot too much grip . Shoots results whch placed in the basket that carried 10 pounds on your back . Waring ( bamboo baskets ) used to hold the result of the passage with a minimum size of 150 x 160 cm with capacities of 20 kg ( maximum 25 kg ) . Place the waring in the open and not stacked in the shade ( in los ) .ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF PLANT CULTIVATIONCultivation of Business AnalysisApproximate analysis of tea cultivation on flat land s / d 15 degrees with a single straight row planting during the growing period of 6 years with 1 hectare land area in West Java in 1999.Agribusiness OpportunityTea is a beverage that is preferred by almost every nation in the world . Tea plantation industry in Indonesia has resulted in the export of quality tea . To further enhance the strategic value-added agricultural products , the tea industry should be diversified towards manufacturing of tea products .So far, Indonesia only to export of tea , tea processing to obtain certain flavors and packaging is done overseas . Thus , overseas consumers do not know that they are drinking tea grown in Indonsia , establishment of industrial packaging tea ready for consumption is an attractive alternative in agribusiness tea .STANDARD PRODUCTION Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia 1 . ScopeStandard production : includes quality requirements , sampling , test methods , packaging penandaan.dan .

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Introduction :Peppers ( Capsicum annuum var . Grossum ) is a plant that is still a family with chili . But unlike in Indonesia sought chili spicy taste , not spicy peppers and tend to be slightly sweet with fruit shapes and colors big seductive eyes . Beautiful shape , it favored the planters house with his own creativity as an ornamental peppers indulgent home , good-looking and useful .
NAGALAUT.COM Agen Judi Bola Online Piala Dunia 2014, SBOBET, IBCBET Terbaik dan Terpercaya di IndonesiaTerms GrowingFor tropical regions such as Indonesia , peppers suitable to be planted in the highlands . The air temperature can make maximum growing peppers is between 15-25 ˚ C. If you happen to live in the plateau area ( approximately 750 m above sea level ) , you are lucky because if you want to plant peppers definitely a good result .
For regions in Indonesia , where a suitable place for growing peppers is West Java ( Lembang , Ciwidey , Cisarua - Peak , Canning , Garut Cikajang - south ) , Central Java ( Peg. Dieng ) East Java ( Malang and Bromo ) , Sumatra ( Curup Bengkulu , Berastagi , Gunung Kerinci , Bukit Tinggi ) , Bali ( Bedugul ) , NTT ( Ruteng , Bajawa ) , NTB ( Lombok Island ) etc. .
If you live in an urban area that is relatively hot , do not despair , peppers can still be planted in the green house that can set the temperature level of the air conditioner . Although this may be a little inconvenient yes .... But it has been a lot of gardening be a very healthy lifestyle and beneficial to the whole house .

SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAPaprika plant is not recommended for beginners . Except for beginners who intend diligent and serious . Because , pepper is a plant that is sensitive to nature . These plants should not be exposed to rain , because it can cause stem rot and fruit .

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Breeding shaded by tree cover or roof made

Breeding shaded by tree cover or roof made of woven bamboo Breeding watered twice a day, except when it rains. Water splashing of water can not flood the media surface. Seedlings nurtured every 14 days to 3 months old with ZA (2 g / seed) or ureJasa SEO Profesionala (1 gram / seed) or NPK (2 g / seedling). Foster provided at a distance of 5 cm melingkarai trunk except for urea, which is given in liquid form. Pest control is done by spraying insecticide and fungicide every 8 days.
Transplant seedlings after 3 months old, in polybag seedlings transplanted to the field and shade gradually reduced. Good seed to be planted in the ground 4-5 months old, 50-60 cm tall, leafy 20-45 with at least 4 pieces of old leaves, a trunk diameter of 8 mm and healthy. With spacing 3 x 3 m, the need to seed an acre is 1250 stems included for stitching.
Media Processing Plant Level of Preparation Plantations chocolate / cocoa can be derived from the natural forest, secondary forest, moor, or the grounds of a former plantation crops. Gently sloping terraces should be made in order to avoid erosion. Areal with 25-60% slope should be the core of the individual. Opening Lahan How can land preparation by pemberihan selective and total cleaning. Beams on the moor land should be cleared / destroyed to plant cocoa and shade trees can grow well. To improve drainage, drainage channels have been there naturally must be maintained and functioning as the primary channel. Secondary and tertiary vessels built according to field conditions. Pengapura Lands with a pH below 5 should be given in the form of chalk limestone of 2 tons / ha or lime walls of 1.500 kg / ha. Fertilization Fertilizing can be done before the seeds are planted using seed chocolate to stimulate growth. These holes should be given fertilizer with manure Agrophos of 300 grams / hole or urea at 200 grams / hole, TSP of 100 grams / hole. Fertilizer-Fertilizer is given two (2) weeks prior to planting the seeds turn brown, then covered the hole back with topsoil mixed with manure / compost.
Planting Techniques Defining Patterns of Plants Absolute cocoa crops require protective tree
Jasa SEO Murah planted as an alley between cocoa crops. There are two kinds of protective trees, namely: a) Apply temporary protective. The tree is needed to protect young cocoa plants (not in production) from wind and sun. Tree that can be grown are banana (Musa paradisiaca), Turi (sesbania sp.), Flemingia congesta or Clotaralia sp.b)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

This Jengkol addition to the benefits of the fruit

This Jengkol addition to the benefits of the fruit, it is now much sought after by traders wood to be used as furniture and home-making kusenan. The reason other than the now hard to find building materials of high quality wood such as jackfruit, teak and mahogany are expensive, wood jengkol jengkol ogled as wood is very resistant to termite attack. It's just that it has not aged wood jengkol old, when to make kusenan often curved or ngulet. Jengkol fruiting period is almost the same with a banana, usually jengkol Flowering August to September and ripe fruit in December-January. Jengkol very high price in the market ranges from Rp. 7,000 - Rp. 8,000 per kilo. But if jengkol medium rare price could reach USD. 10.000, - Rp. 12.000, -. per kg. Jengkol intensive cultivation is not Pusat SEO Pacitan yet widely cultivated. When in fact quite promising for this jengkol cultivation. Additionally jengkol including crop plants gentry ndableg not difficult to grow, easy to grow disembarang jengkol place and suitable for greening plants. Areas suitable for growing jengkol to 800 mdl. Jengkol about five years of age are able to bear fruit. If by vegetative means such as grafting and grafting, fruiting age could be even shorter. One well-established trees fruiting jengkol can produce clean jengkol peeled 15-20 kg.