Tuesday, September 30, 2014

calcium as well as protein enhancer.

    Bone meal or calcium with 2% -5% composition as a complementary need for minerals, especially calcium as well as protein enhancer.

     Salt with a composition of 2% is sufficient to meet the needs of the mineral.

     When required to be given additional vitamin which has been widely used as a complement to the needs of micro, but still based on the prescribed dose, should not be excessive.

Dosage & When Giving Concentrated Beef Cattle Feed

The appropriate dose of concentrate feeding is given as food reinforcement / extra on beef cattle in addition to the main staple food in the form of fresh grass and green. Comparison of the principal feeding (forage) and concentrate to feed cattle is between 30%: 70% or a maximum of 20%: 80%. Good timing concentrate performed once every day in the morning before the main meal given in the form of grass. Dri research also found that the order granting the concentrate prior to the main food (forage) is more effective to increase the weight for the provision of first concentrates aims to provide greater energy to the rumen microbes to digest the staple food (grass, etc..) By applying how to feed cattle this way, it is not impossible weight of your
JUDI DOMINO 99 ONLINE ituDomino beef will increase two-fold.

Thus making guide modern cattle feed which if implemented could lift the weight of your beef to be doubled, so that your cattle business also successfully and profitably. Do not forget to pray to the above so that your cattle healthy always. To your success!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

as plankton feeders or filter feeders tend to hoard all the elements are filtered

By the nature of oyster as plankton feeders or filter feeders tend to hoard all the elements are filtered in the intestines, so that bacteria and other micro-organisms found in the surrounding waters accumulated to reach a level that can cause interference to the health konsumen.Kontaminasi can occur when post-harvest handling.

Scallop meat
Rajamerah.com Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya affected by dirty water coming in through the open mussel shells. Dirty water that was in the location of the shells will go through during the open clam shells to shells so meat can be contaminated. Therefore, the oyster sanitation during postharvest harusdiperhatikan.


Depurasi is a post-harvest handling process which aims to clean up shellfish from pollutants and toxic substances contained in the meat and oyster shell. A simple way to soak the clams in water under controlled conditions, or it can also be a way to drain water shells submerged in water conditions.

Forms of Processed Shellfish Products

Handling small scale can be done manually, whereas for large-scale mechanization of post-harvest handling required as Classifier tool, cleaning tool gills.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Palm cultivation is also occupied

Palm cultivation is also occupied by Evan Hamzah origin Nganjuk, East Java. In addition to seeds, he also sells palm sugar palm tree tapping of hers. Evan cultivate SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA palm trees in an area of ​​1 ha.
Society in general, has long been know as a palm tree yanh tree can produce materials for the craft industry. Almost all parts or products of this plant can be used and have economic value. However, these plants received less attention to be developed or cultivated seriously by the various parties.

During this meeting industrial demand will be derived from palm tree parts, still served by controlling the sugar plant that grows wild (not grown people). Physical parts of the palm trees are utilized, such as root (for traditional medicine), stem (for a variety of equipment), Ijuk (for kerpeluan building), leaves (kususnya young leaves for wrapping and smoking). Similarly, products such as fruit and juice can be used as food and beverages.

Demand for the products produced from this plant will always be increased in line with the existing development. Therefore, planting or cultivation of palm plants have hope or prospects for the future are good.

When this has been noted there are four types of trees including palm groups namely: Arenge pinata (Wurmb) Merr, Arenge undulatitolia Bree, Arenge westerhoutii Grift and Arenge ambcang Becc. Among the four types are known benefit is arenge piƱata, daily known by the name of palm or palm.

Development effort or palm cultivation in Indonesia is very possible. Besides still vast unproductive lands, also can meet the needs of domestic consumption of the products derived from the sugar plant, while increasing farmers' income from farming and palm plants can also help preserve natural resources and the environment.
II Know Aren

A. The form of Trees, Flowers and Fruit

Aren including Aracaceae rate (betel-proposal).
BosPoker.com Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya The trunk is not barbed, unbranched, may reach a height of 25 meters and a diameter of the tree can reach 65 cm.